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From the author of "Mystery Mountain: A Walk With God"
Robert M. Needham
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I am thrilled to present my latest writing endeavor, "Restoring Our Nation's Values" during a time when there are those who seek to dismantle the very essence of what our nation was founded upon over two centuries ago.

As a writer and adventure seeker who thrives on creative expression, I constantly seek out new opportunities to fuel my passion, a passion that has no limits in awakening the deepest heartfelt beliefs in God and Country.

Furthermore as a veteran, I refuse to remain idle. Thomas Jefferson's wise words are as relevant now as ever before, "Evil triumphs when good men do nothing." Our Nation and The Church are currently under siege. It is imperative that we safeguard the values that we cherish or we will lose them. The Bill of Rights has been disregarded for far too long, along with the belief in the "inalienability" (absolute power) of God.

The "Restoring Our Nation's Values" project aims to create an allegorical dialogue between God and Man, resembling the intimate conversations one has with God during moments of solitude. Its unique format is exclusively crafted for Ministry & Worship leaders and those who aspire to lead. It can be an invaluable resource that empowers and motivates others to reignite the fundamental principles instilled in us by our predecessors more than two centuries ago.

This slideshow is fully customizable (11 slides in total) and I encourage all users to use it in such a way as to make it your own. You can use it as is, or create your own depiction to personify your house of worship's personality such as...

  • In a Church Atrium Kiosk/Display that runs continuously as a Slideshow or Video with Sound.

  • 10-12 Week Bible Study.... E.g. "Applying the Bill Of Rights In Our Daily Lives".

  • Sermon Aid...., E.g. "The Inalienability of God & The Constitution".

  • Main Sanctuary/Atrium as a customized church activities aid.

  • Educational and Religious Studies programs.

  • Great opportunity to Study/Review the "Bill of Rights" and how it affects our relationship with God and those around us.

  • Women's/Men's/Children's Ministries Programs and the list goes on.....

Beginning with the founding fathers of the Constitution and the first "Ten Amendments," a.k.a. "Bill of Rights", it's time for us as "We The People" to refocus our attention on our nation's fundamental principles and the "Steadfast Love Of God" that has led us to the evolution of the "Greatest Nation on Earth".

This project is a call to action and an invitation to walk outside of our comfort zone. May it bless all those who accept the opportunity to restore our nation's values "One Amendment at a time!"..... JOIN THE MOVEMENT!!!     A very prominent framer of the Constitution, Benjamin Franklin once said, "To succeed, jump as quickly at opportunities as you do at conclusions."

I dedicate this project to all those Pastors and Ministry Leaders who are Master Storytellers of the Scriptures. May you continue to weave your sermons in a manner that inspires the hearts of those it touches and glorifies God in the process!

One way to effectively encourage church membership to participate in church activities is by selecting an amendment and personalizing it. It's amazing what can be accomplished when each member becomes a stakeholder in the final product.

The No Mountain Too High team is delighted to offer this versatile tool to help you and/or your staff "Restore Our Nation's Values." Our goal is for you to make this slideshow your own by utilizing its "Fully Customizable" version. When God's People join together as co-authors, the applications of this presentation are endless and can "Lead to a Movement that Revitalizes our Nation's Values".                                               


There is "No Mountain Too High" for the God who can move mountains." B.Needham

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Restoring Our Nations Values Slideshow

A great way to breakout of your "Comfort Zone" An Allegorical Dialog with GOD

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Mystery Mountain: A Walk With God

Created for Adventure Seekers and those who long to break out of their comfort zone!
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Our mission is to honor God through the creation of a practical framework that upholds the values upon which our country was founded, while also recognizing each person's freedom and responsibility to serve others.
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